Geological and geotechnical surveys of large infrastructure projects

It is a feature of large infrastructure projects that they have a major effect on the environment and nature. They thus represent a special challenge to the various technical disciplines, but especially to the investigation and prognosis of geological and hydrogeological conditions in the project area.

Good planning does not simply require project solutions that are optimised from a technical and economic perspective; they must also ensure the protection of the environment and other resources. A full, accurate and comprehensible forecast of all aspects of the underground conditions is vital.

Experience shows that high-quality work in the early planning stages makes a substantial contribution to the environmentally sensitive, cost-efficient and ultimately successful realisation of large building projects – or, to put it another way, errors in the initial stages of a project usually lead to major problems, extra costs and a negative response from the public.

EUT Engineering has significantly assisted in the realisation of numerous large building projects in South Tyrol and the neighbouring regions.

EUT - Geologische und geotechnische Bearbeitung von Großprojekten