Water is the central element for drinking water facilities and irrigation, as well as for artificial snowmaking and power generation. We have long concerned ourselves with the origins and ways of water, as well as its characteristics and forces.

The many different types of use require appropriate plants, with their planning, building and operation representing a major challenge for any planning team.

We also carry out hydrogeological surveys of drinking water protection areas, as well as the production of flooding or dam failure studies; hydraulic surveys for at-risk zone planning or the measuring of water protection structures; groundwater modelling for deep wells and the investigation of abandoned locations; and geological construction supervision for spring tapping or the drilling of deep wells. In addition to the sound technical training of our employees, we have available specific software and appropriate measuring instruments.

We have been involved in this specialist area for many years, both as our EUT Engineering team for large infrastructure projects as well as with various external partners in the form of numerous surveys conducted for private and public clients.

Hydrogeologie - EUT, Brixen, Südtirol