Geology, geotechnics and environment

The geological character of the subsurface is of truly fundamental importance, not only for all construction activity but also for the stability and different usage of the terrains surface.

The main task of applied geology is thus to provide the most exact and reliable information possible for the widest variety of plans and projects concerning the subsoil, its characteristics and its behaviour under a vast spectrum of conditions.

Addressed questions range from the simple surveying of a building plot, the assessment of groundwater and surface water to the appraisal of underground contamination and its effects on the environment, the geological/geotechnical consulting for underground and surface engineering structures and the planning of safety measures.

The strength of our team is the two-way collaboration with EUTs engineering team aimed to find the best solutions for a wide variety of projects and challenges. We focus firmly on our clients and on their interests and objectives. Our wide experience in the planning and implementation of complex building projects, as well as our interest and satisfaction in acting responsibly ensure reliable, competent support for our clients in the realisation of their ideas and projects.

The departments:

Geologie, Geotechnik und Umwelt, Südtirol