Buildings and structures

It is a major challenge to identify the optimum combination of aesthetics, functionality and quality at reasonable cost when designing and realising buildings. EUT Engineering has many years of experience in the construction of buildings with various functions, such as for hydropower plants, for district heating plants or local control stations for traffic infrastructures.
EUT Engineering GmbH - Ltd can help design complex engineering structures of all kinds for the realisation of traffic infrastructures to bypass and to overcome obstacles and for the protection against natural risks.

Our services cover the following areas:

  • Powerhouses for hydropower plants and buildings for district heating plants
  • control stations for traffic infrastructures
  • stations for rope-based transport systems
  • hotel buildings
  • bridges
  • retaining walls, slope and embankment stabilizations
  • excavation pit support and special foundation engineering
  • cut and cover tunnels
  • structural design including analysis and geotechnical engineering
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